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Maintenance & Repairs

Here at LC3 Performance we work on customizing and upgrading a lot of

high-performance vehicles. But when ANY vehicle comes into our shop it receives our 

White Glove Service. While tagging the vehicle, we install a seat cover and floor mat. When working on vehicles we cover the fenders and and use coverings to protect the area where we are working. We extend these types of quality services to our general maintenance customers, because we realize your vehicle is IMPORTANT to YOU,

and that makes it important to us.

LC3 Automotive performance maintenance and repairs for all makes and models of foriegn and domestic automobiles. Ram 1500 Rear Brake Replacement .

Advanced Automotive Services

  • Complete Diagnostics Using Top Notch Automotive Industry Diagnostic Equipment.

  • Drivability & Road Testing.

  • Engine Lamps.

  • Multipoint Inspections.

  • Noise Pinpointing.

  • DMV Inspection Station & Repair Facility.

  • Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections.

  • Commercial Vehicles.

General Maintenance

  • All Lubrication / Oil / Fluid Services.

  • Tune-Ups, Spark Plugs & Filters.

  • AC Servicing Including R-134a, R-12 Conversions, R1234YF.

  • Heating & Cooling System Services.

  • Complete Brake Services.

  • 4 Wheel Alignments.

  • Top Notch Tire Mounting & Balancing For Low Profile Wheels & Large Off Road Mud Tires. (All Wheels).

  • Suspension Systems.

  • Exhaust Systems.

  • Bumper-To-Bumper Repairs & Maintenance, Inside & Out.


Rebuilds & Major

  • Engine Replacements. 

  • Engine Rebuilds.

  • Engine Repairs.

  • Transmission Replacement (No Rebuilds).

  • Heater Core & AC Condensor Replacement.

  • Complete High-End Wiring.

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