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lc3 performance - for the entire family

A well-maintained car means a
smooth-running week

When you bring a family car in for service you want value, reliability,

and a decent price.


Your family’s

well-being and

safety is paramount. You’ll choose LC3 Performance, because it’s a company

you can trust.


Whether it’s the family minivan, your teenager's first car or your daily ride for commuting to and from work, we know each has an important role to play in keeping your life running smoothly and securely - getting to your job or school, running errands and accomplishing everything you need to do during the week.


At LC3 Performance our commitment to you is prompt service, a fair price and quality work, so your vehicle is back on the road in top shape when you need it.


From simple scheduled maintenance to major repairs it will be

done right - and right on time.

Contact LC3 Performance Automoive, Mine Hill, NJ.
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